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The Beginners Guide to Video Game Development 2023

The Beginners Guide to Video Game Development 2023

Video games have served as a source of pleasure for both kids and adults for years. According to the Entertainment Software Association, a device used to play video games is now a part of 64% of American households. Since their creation, video games have advanced quickly, providing players with more and more real adventures that no longer reflect the blurry screens and octal games of earlier generations.

Today, there are many profitable career opportunities available in the booming business of video game creation. In 2020, the gaming business generated $155 billion in sales, and by 2025, Juniper Research projects that figure to rise to nearly $260 billion. Leading businesses are battling it out for market share as tech powerhouses like Apple, Facebook, Netflix, and Google enter the video game industry.

There has never been a good opportunity to explore game development than now, with video games being such a major industry on a massive level. Knowing about Video Game Development is a crucial first step in getting started.

What is Video Game Development?

Video game development is the process of creating a video game from start to finish. It can involve various disciplines, including programming, design, graphics artistry, and sound engineering. Video game development can range from a small hobbyist project to a large commercial venture.

Game development can take many forms, from team-based individual projects to big-budget large-scale productions like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. While being typically associated with console video games, the development of apps can also be considered a development process as it requires a conceptualization process as well as development and testing. As such, it can also be considered a form of game development.

The two main phases of the development process are design and production. Design involves the creation of the game’s concept and storyline while production covers everything to do with creating the actual game. One of the most challenging parts of game design is developing a game for every type of platform that it can be played on. For example, if the designer wants to release their game on desktop, tablet and mobile then they will need to create three separate versions of the game so that it will work effectively on each device.

Game Engines

The term “game engine” refers to a software development environment, often known as a “game infrastructure” or “game framework,” containing options and specifications that facilitate and optimize the creation of video games in a range of programming technologies.

Previous computer games had their own graphics engines that were created particularly for that game. Game engines have developed throughout time from exclusive, internal engines to professionally produced engines that are widely used today. Utilizing commercially produced game engines allows game developers to create new video games more quickly and easily, as well as expand existing video games to newer technologies.

Typical Game Engines

  • CryEngine
  • Unity Game Engine
  • Unreal Engine
  • Buildbox
  • Game Maker
  • Construct 2 or 3
  • Source
  • Twine
  • Frostbite

How a Game Is Developed

A video game is software with art, audio, and gameplay, hence the development process is a system development methodology. It’s common practice to ignore formal software development techniques. Games with bad development methodologies are more likely to exceed budget, take longer to complete, and have many more issues. For both individual and team projects, planning is essential.

The majority of video game designers and developers would tell you that video game development is never as elegant as imagined.

One of the several difficulties that appear during the development process includes approaching deadlines, manufacturing obstacles, pressure from publishers of video games, and never-ending workweeks.

The desire to create video games that appear, feel, and perform brilliantly is what keeps the courageous few who venture into game development, despite their awareness of the industry and its potential to test one’s strength and resolve.

I’m here to provide some clarification on game development because many people are unaware of this cycle of insanity and its various phases.


The process of ideation involves thinking up new concepts and approaches through actions like doodling, designing, thinking, composing in the head, coming up with the worst possible option, and a variety of other brainstorming approaches.

Great concepts are the foundation of great games, and brilliant ideas can be as basic as Pac-Man or as complicated as Resident Evil. The idea for a video game does not necessarily need to be original, but it does need to be the ideal combination of well-considered artistic inputs and a clearly defined topic. This makes it more transparent about what category the game belongs to. The very first thing that captures a player’s interest is this.

Development and Design

The fundamental concepts of the gameplay are developed upon, elaborated upon, and given a vague framework throughout this subsequent phase. A huge proportion of game development and design is focused on the broad picture. The game’s development group will put itself in the player’s place and think about the entire experience from beginning to end.

Some of the usual factors considered during this phase include a Concise Summary

of The video game concept, genre, target audience (players), project scope (how big or small a game should be), etc.


The ‘feel’ and flow of the game, objectives, game progressions, in-game GUI, etc


The league’s play controls, for instance, how gamers interact with it practically, rules, warfare, physics, etc

Video Game Components

The plot, concept, or gameplay features, characters, locations, levels, etc, are required to bring the videogame to reality.


Features such as songs, sound effects, and 2D and 3D models.

Programming and Engineering

Several subspecialists in the industry of game development such as visual coders, AI developers, and network developers, are often needed during the programming and engineering stage.


The process of programming includes taking the game’s idea and adding graphics and audio to make it enjoyable.

Nowadays, the most widely used and commonly used programming languages are

  • C++
  • Java
  • C#
  • HTML 5
  • Javascript


Engineering more broadly involves the software design and implementation required to create a complete videogame.

Based on the game, the requirements for the engineering process can change, but typical responsibilities include

  • Actual landscape modeling
  • Making non-player avatars with AI technology
  • Establishing a solid link between player interaction and the content displayed on the monitor.

Game Development Tools

Below are a few of the best tools for video game developers that you might want to add to your toolbox. Others are fantastic for producing cartoons, characters, and other things, while some may help you interact and coordinate work with your colleagues.

  • PlayCanvas
  • Parsec
  • Unreal Engine
  • Unity
  • Character Creator
  • Mixamo
  • Blender
  • Incredibuilt
  • CeltX
  • CraftStudio
  • CryEngine
  • Helix Core

Programming Languages

After developing the original concept of the video game, a programming language is selected. Various coding languages are used to create video games, based on the device (PlayStation, desktop, or smartphone) and the game’s complexity. Furthermore, not all video games are created using a single programming language; instead, they may incorporate many.

Here is a quick summary of a number of the most commonly used languages in modern video game development.

C++ is a game industry standard. Although it’s slightly more challenging than other programming languages like Java, it offers greater freedom and independence during the game design phase.

Java: Among the most adaptable programming languages ever created is Java. As it has been confirmed to work on almost everything, it has become a favorite among many game makers over the years. The flexibility is appealing and could support your idea. Games made with Java include RuneScape, Minecraft, and Star Wars Galaxies.

C#: This machine language, which is spelled “C Sharp,” is well-liked for creating both video games and a variety of other products. In practice, it is a key piece of software used in Unity and other modern, well-liked game engines. Pokemon Go, Assasin’s Creed Identity, Hearthstone, and Temple Run are a few video games developed in C#.

HTML5: HyperText Markup Language 5 is a programming language that allows you to alter how websites work and look. Popular video games made with this language include Angry Birds, Bejeweled, 3D Tetris, and Kingdom Rush.

JavaScript is a web programming language for creating internet browser animations. Approximately 95% of websites worldwide run on JavaScript, making it one of the significant languages of software development. Browser Quest, HexGL, and Diablo JS are examples of well-known games that integrate JavaScript.

How to Get Into Game Development

Does it feel as though there is no way to open the black box that is the video game business? All you need to do is place your foot in the door, but how can you force it to even unlock?

You can start a video game development business. All you require is a good plan.

However, there is no one “correct way,” thus it is time to give up looking for just one. As an alternative, there are a variety of approaches to landing your initial job at a gaming studio. Learning the origins of the current generation of experienced game developers is necessary to identify the most effective tactics.

Below are some of the proven ways to kickstart your video game development career:

Learn How To Code

Nearly all of the video games you’ve seen on PCs, cellphones, and devices were made by talented programmers. These gifted individuals are capable of writing scalable and reliable code, which powers these games. We advise learning the languages mentioned above if you’re hoping to start a career in video game development. The majority of these abilities and more may be learned through a programming boot camp.

Acquire A Degree

Many video game firms are trying for programmers with education during the recruiting process. Although it is not a necessity, companies could favour applicants with college computer science degrees or similar subjects.

Numerous institutions now provide master’s degrees particularly in video game development and design in light of the video game industry’s increasing prevalence.

Create A Simple Game

Developing your first video game is a great way to show your newly gained programming skills on display. As there is no pre-existing structure to use, you learn a lot as you struggle through the difficulties of planning and creating an entirely new game. We advise commencing with a simple JavaScript video game that you can later showcase in a portfolio.

Make A Portfolio Of Game Development

Once you start creating your video games, you should make an online portfolio showcasing your most significant game development projects to showcase others when they ask for examples. Whether you are interested in visual design, computer architecture, user interface, or another subject, you should make sure your portfolio shows that.

Graphics, film reels, models, underlying materials like rule sets, and other development process mapping should all be included in a strong games development portfolio.


Publish your work on web forums, sign up for Slack or Chat channels, go to meetings, etc. to connect with other people in the industry. Additionally, you can take part in video game jam sessions, which are competitions where competitors attempt to create a video commercial game in a set time frame.

Video Game Development vs Game Design

Game designing and game development isn’t the same, just as designing a website and developing a website cannot be identical.

However, each is unique in its way. Each of these procedures is necessary for creating the ideal video game and is a component of a gaming project.

Below is mentioned the complete information about video game development and video game design and their key differences.

Video Game Development

A video game developer’s job involves writing codes for the system’s world, audio effects, programming languages, drawing, checking, manufacturing, and a variety of other challenging tasks. Gamers can now move around and engage with the gaming world as a result.

The primary objective of a Video game developer is to implement all the concepts and designs of the game designer. The task of the game developer is to give these concepts and ideas life, help them perform, and improve them if the game designer brings up the idea, drawings of landscapes and avatars, and designs the ideal user experience.

responsibilities of a game designer.

Roles of Video Game Developers:

  • Creating functional video games using the game designer’s concepts.
  • Video game checking to identify and correct mistakes.
  • It’s a smart idea to collaborate with programmers.
  • There should be a security test on all current games.
  • Al may help your players act more naturally.

Video Game Design

The method of devising and designing a game’s standards, features, and dynamics is known as video game design. Games may be developed for pleasure, instruction, physical activity, or research.

Video Game Designers are the game’s creative force and the link between creators and artists. The creation of captivating plots, avatars, objectives, guidelines, and tasks that direct connections between virtual objects are a component of game design execution.

The artistic components of creating video games are the main emphasis of video game designers. Video Game Developers, on the contrary side, concentrate on the technical parts of the procedure, such as programming.

Roles of a Video Game Designer

  • One of the primary roles of a video game designer is to recognize social trends in the video games industry.
  • Make a thorough game design plan.
  • Analyze current video games to find methods to make them better.
  • Create innovative ideas for video games.
  • Play around with different gaming styles and concepts.
  • Make a theme and a narrative.
  • With other designers, generate new ideas.
  • Discover the driving forces behind your intended audience.
  • Design original and creative game ideas.
  • Player mobility is created to help with the selection of difficulty settings and game layouts.

Key differences

Creativity and storytelling are two main skills needed. Knowledge of programming languages and game engines is necessary.

Should Someone Try To Be A Game Developer

Game designingGame Development
The idea and design of a game are givenThose ideas and concepts come to reality
Designing tasks are done.Coding and programming tasks are accomplished.
The rules of a video game are decided.Coding assets are compiled and the game’s codes are tested.
The theme of a game is made.The game design is made playable.

If you enjoy playing video games, you may have considered pursuing a job in video game development. What could be more enjoyable than being paid to engage in video gaming for the whole day?

A job in game creation may be appealing to anybody who enjoys problem-solving, coding, and creativity. There are a lot of other motives to consider for a career in videogame development in addition to your enthusiasm for games. Listed below are the top three things that draw individuals to the field.

Work Security

People normally think of movies and songs when they hear about enjoyment. However, did you realize that the value of the video gaming industry exceeds that of the music and entertainment professions combined? The value of the worldwide gaming industry is currently over 151 trillion dollars, and by 2025, it is anticipated to reach over $250 billion.

Casual Conditions For Workers

Video Gaming firms take the casual culture that tech giants are already famous for to an entirely different level. Don’t confuse “casual” with “uncaring,” though. Working for a video game firm entails collaborating with other motivated and driven Video Game Developers who share similar values.

You don’t need to move for your dream career because more video game giants are establishing dedicated remote employees.

Express Your Creativity

The framework and regulations of the videogame, as well as the game’s themes, are often created by video game developers and designers. Some developers of video games have a specific artistic focus, such as visual design or gameplay elements. Game creation is a great opportunity to leverage your analytical and scientific talents while also tapping into your artistic side if you’re drawn to both coding and graphics.

How Much Can A Video Game Developer Earn In Different Areas?

To address the question “How much do game developers make?”

A game developer’s salary in the United States is typical $103,663 yearly. An individual just starting their profession may make less than this sum, whilst an individual with many years of professional experience may make higher. As your talents advance, you can demand a better salary and advance to more executive positions. Your pay may rise if you pursue extra study in particular game-developing fields.

Game Developer Salary Estimations Based On Seniority

  • Junior Game Developer at Entry Level

    Newbie game developers who have just found a passion for the field typically hold admittance or junior positions. The entry-level or junior wage begins at about $57,000 annually

  • Game Developer Salary Range (Average)

    Based on their firm and role within the industry, ordinary game developers might make a range of salaries. The range for the minimum salary is between $86,200 and $101,644.

  • Senior Video Game Programmer

    Experienced game developers operate on the trickiest projects and make the highest game developer salaries. Senior game programmers get promoted to this level after working for a firm for at least 5 years. Professionals typically earn $122,972 annually.


Knowing the game development process is crucial if you want to create video games. Whatever your position within the system, being aware of the goals and hierarchy of each sector can help you perform more effectively and prevent expensive difficulties in the future.

You need to be familiar with the hottest technology if you intend to learn how to create video games. These technologies vary based on what you want to accomplish.

You may quickly create a game with the help of skilled mobile app businesses, which can create games in 2D, 3D, and many other formats. They can also develop suggestions for a video game that enhance the overall experience of playing.

Today’s gaming business frequently releases new material since it improves a game’s play quality, durability, and popularity. Feel free to get in touch with TheCustomWebsites professionals if you’re interested in creating a video game from scratch or improving an already-existing one. Due to their extensive background in game creation, the Custom Websites team can produce expertly faultless games on the schedule and for a reasonable price.

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